Does the solution to all our problems lies within solving our own problems? Probably not. Recognizing not everyone can or will become self-sufficient, I set about teaching classes in self-reliance. Classes you may recognize under the guise of sustainability, like Rainwater Harvesting etc. Would rather be teaching abundance. Just waiting for more folks to get through this “sustainability” period. With patience all things are possible, right?


About Brent Norris

Brent Norris is Presently engaged in helping to strengthen Hawaii's digital economies Brent seeks to transform Hawaii Island into a mecca for like-minded digital designers and developers interested in living off the grid and cultivating a new culture based on past traditions and singularity principles. Brent mentors students, serves on the Hawaii Island Junior Achievement Board of Directors. Brent earned the Webmaster of the Year award in 2009 and as Co-Founder and ED of Green Collar Technologies earned the Small Business Administration’s “Home Based Business Champion of the Year (Video 3:30 secs)” for the State of Hawaii. Brent continues to strengthen digital, knowledge-based economies in Hawaii.

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